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For fun and, well, fun.

  • Dec. 9, 2005: Well, not really a tourney report, but I was so enthused to win a game with Platinum Angel leading my MTGO Nutz deck. Especially when my opponent took me to -112 life before I dropped him to -8 and won! Those alternate win conditions really bring out the whine in others!  
  • Jul. 30, 2005: Entered a 9th Edition pre-release at Fantasy Escape in  Va. Beach, VA. Tourney had 16 entrants @ $20 each with four Swiss rounds to determine the top 8. The entrance fee got everyone five booster packs of 9th Ed. A foil Force of Nature was a promo for everyone. I finished 1-3 in matches (3-5 in games). That put me at 12th of 16, with Trevor right behind me at 13th place. He and I also got deck boxes for being "new." I built a 41-card green/white/blue deck (15 creatures, 17 land) and promptly beat Trevor 2-0. I then lost to Paul 1-0. We didn't finish the second game in the 50 minutes alloted for the round. I then faced Sean and lost 2-0. Finally, I lost to Drew 2-1. John was our Level 1 judge, and T and I submitted DCI applications for our cards.
  • Feb. 26, 2005: Entered a Type 1 tourney (my second) at Table Top Games in Tacoma, WA. Tourney had 54 entrants @ $25 each with 42 finishing six Swiss rounds. I finished 1-4 in matches ( 2-8 in games) with my sixth round player MIA. That record put me at about 38th or 39th overall--no prize, but a helluva education! The grand prize was an Unlimited Black Lotus. I modified my Mayday deck by adding a proxy Black Lotus to the main deck and swapping a Splinter, Wasteland, and 2 Jester's Caps into my sideboard while dropping out two Flashfires, an Obliterate, and a Detonate. See "Specific match results."
  • Nov. 20, 2004: Entered a C of K booster draft tournament at DreamStrands in Greenwood, north of Seattle, WA. Tourney had 8 entrants @ $10 each for three C of K booster packs. I finished 2-1 in matches (7-2 in games) to garner an overall 2nd place and won two C of K booster packs! See "Specific match results."


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