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Sphere of Magic

Links You Just Had To See, Didn't You?

Erratic Portals
Scrolls 1993 - 94
Scrolls 1995 - 97
Scrolls 1998 - 2000
Scrolls 2001 - 03
Scrolls 2004 - 05
Scrolls 2006 - 07
Scrolls 2008 - 09
Scrolls 2010 - 11
Scrolls 2012 - 13
Scrolls 2014 - 15
Mermaid Worship
Reading Room
If you can' t find some incredible Magic stuff in these links, you should check your pulse.
Let's start with the official site, then delve further with a link to the rules stuff, and then two sites where you can see my collection haves and wants - I recommend TCO as an okay place to record your collection, build decks, and trade cards:

Wizards of the Coast

Rules - Comprehensive and Basic

Magic Online Trading League

Using the link above, go to the "Trading Services" heading on the left, click on the Ultimate Bulletin Board, and find me as sindbad7cs, but I'm rarely use this site anymore.

Trade Cards Online

Click on the card below or using the link above, go to the "Members' List and find me as sindbad7cs or click here: sindbad7cs  - my FNM and other Magic experiences are in the Forums here too. Thank you!!

Since I stood this page up years ago, StarCityGames presence as a Magic force keeps growing. Not only is it a great storefront for card prices and images, they sponsor Open series events around the country! Their FBook page shows all the upcoming cities to find them and enter!


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