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The devil is in the details.

  • Feb. 26, 2005:  Lost the first match 2-0 to Derrick Teuber who was playing a Welder/Mindslaver deck. He won 13-0 finishing me off with Triskelion in game 1. In game 2, I conceded while ahead 18-6 once he got recurring Mindslaver into play. Won the second match 2-0 over Donovan Sample. He was playing a Ninjitsu-based deck. I mulliganed the first game, but got a solid 19-0 result with good L/D. I won 19-0 in game 2 with solid creature attacks. The third match was a solid loss to Derick Solberg's Doomsday deck. I lost game 1 by a score of 8-0. He countered my Plow Under at a key moment. Game 2 was the same result--an 8-0 thrashing. I went down 2-0 in the fourth match to David Jennings. He also had a Welder/Mindslaver deck that I just missed getting a Molder Slug out against in Game 1--he burned a BoP first turn. I conceded in both games once Mindslaver appeared. My fifth match was against Geoff Zieger who also works at Table Top. He was playing a Dragon deck that brought out Worldgorger Dragon using Dance of the Dead and Necromancy along with card draw and infinite mana loop to beat me solidly both games. Game 2 was a turn two loss! He reported the results wrong, so I was mis-paired higher against a no-show, while he played someone I should have matched up against. About a six hour tourney not counting registration. (Mar. 2005 note: Unfortunately, Tabletop Games closed with the owner citing family concerns)
  • Nov. 20, 2004:  I built a red/green 40 card deck that included 1 Tatsumasa, Dragon's Fang--it was key in a couple of games.  My first match was against Gabe, the DreamStrand's owner with his white and blue deck. I beat him 3-0 in the match thanks to some excessive land draws on his part. Always one step ahead, I then beat a youngster named Felix 3-0 in a match-up against his black deck. Against Rob, whom I've traded and played casually before, I won game 1 of the match. He was playing almost the same deck with a splash of white added. I mis-played my Tatsumasa once which cost me one of the next two games that he won with a superior artifact draw. About a three hour tourney.


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