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Sphere of Magic

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Yes, another site about Magic: The Gathering. Besides chess and Diplomacy, what other games compare? Magic combines the skill of chess, the luck of poker, the art and flavor of a great RPG (without the psycho-babble), and the smack worthy of NBA finals This site embodies my passion for Magic. I strive to credit all the great art, sites, and copyrights of others--if you feel I'm doing you a disservice, please contact me for correction or removal. Generally, I use italics to link to named cards so you know what I'm talking about whether you're new or your brain can't hold another byte of information.

Do you have items to sell or trade, especially collections? I do road trips IF your collection is large enough and you're within a reasonable distance. 2012 note: This site has a corresponding Facebook page - please "LIKE" and drop me a message. Also on Twitter: @SphereofMagic

Recent highlights: Mar. 2014 -  GP Richmond! Sept. 29, 2012: Into the top 8 (at RtR pre-release with Azorius! Aug. 10, 2012: Won my first FNM! Thank you Thundermaw Hellkite! In 2012, I got back to re-organizing my collection and increasing my social and online play. On May 8, 2011, I gifted my UNL Black Lotus to my son, Jaredd.  Bought a 15k collection in '08 from Norm Caruso, a great Regionals player out of N. Carolina. Added Library of Alexandria and Jihad in 2007.
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The Piasa Bird
Not a damn thing to do with Magic, but still scary.



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