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Sphere of Magic

Treasure Chest

Erratic Portals
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Mermaid Worship
Reading Room
You're here to steal something, ain't you? Stinkin' land-lubber. Well, go ahead then--try to take something!
It ain't gonna be easy, see? Diggin's required for treasure, and then I can't be giving ya no guarantee that ye are a-gonna find gold or silver. Could just be rust and scraps of burlap, ya scurvy dawg.
Okay, okay. You got this far. Click Tournament History to see what I can best recollect of my very amateur career--I'm still entering info all the way back to 1998. Sift through Decks to see what I sail with--currently these are just 2 examples of more than 50 physical decks. Of course, I'll probably bury some of those Monthly Questions here somewheres too.
Articles, short pieces, and other writing by none other than I:
SCRYE magazine (1994 - 2009) issue holdings: #10, #11, #5.1, #7.2 - 7.3, #7.5 - 7.6, #8.1 - 8.8, #48 - 83, #85 - 117, #119 - 124, and #126 - 131
Now shove off, mate!
Sometimes, when you're having a rough day, try creating your own Magic card. Its invigorating, and good for driving out demons who suck the fun out of the game. They exist, you know. Around the next turn, behind the rotted stump. And they smell bad. Awful, rotten-lettuce bad. On a more enchanting note, I was inspired by a special Mermaid to create a series of Magic "whip" cards  ...all except the art. 
Like different concepts in Magic? Try this link for a beautifully-done expansion to the original game: Fires of Heaven.  The site includes art, downloads, and more. Enjoy!

Fantasy Card: Matura, Lord of Myopia
My concept with graphic contributed by "ionut" from

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