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Sphere of Magic

The Game and Sindbad

Erratic Portals
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Mermaid Worship
Reading Room
How did these two beings, Magic and Sindbad, happen upon colliding paths?

History of Magic

Magic: The Gathering was invented by Richard Garfield and first released in 1993. It is available in 52 countries and nine languages, with more than 100,000 official tournaments sanctioned each year by the DCI players' organization. See Erratic Portals for a link to the official site. 


"Unmask" is a Wizards of the Coast copyrighted picture from the Mercadian Masques expansion. The artist is rk post.

Sindbad's Voyages

It began in '98 about the time Urza's Saga was released. I walked by the dining room table where two of my sons, Jaredd and Trevor, were engaged in a cryptic game of cards amidst shouts of "tapping" this and "attacking" with that. I was hooked. We began frequenting card shops in Honolulu seeking more! Some 100,000+ cards later, the collection binders hold 69.85% of the 17,576 unique cards printed. I play whenever sleep, food, and work allow. I have organized and played in casual tournaments from Hawaii to Virgina. I began playing MTGO (where I now hold 31k+ cards) in 2002. My prized possession in the physical collection is an Unlimited Black Lotus, which I gave to my son, Jaredd, on his 27th birthday in May 2011. My favorite online card is probably Morphling! What kind of player am I? A "Commando (CAFP)"
My clan was Myrmidon, and I was the Captain. As of Oct. 2012, I am now of CerealKillaz clan and chapter. Co-Captain with ZEN as of Apr. 10, 2014. We do NOT concede!



What is THE best card for art? The best artist overall? Which card is the most efficient or powerful? I'll be looking further into these deep philosophical questions in the weeks, months, and even years ahead. Until then, just know, I am a huge fan of cards done by Christopher Rush and rk post.

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