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A subjective analysis...
"Covetous Dragon" is a Wizards of the Coast copyrighted picture from the Urza's Destiny expansion. The artist is R. K. Post.


According to BlackBorder's humorous test, I'm a COMMANDO (CAFP or Competitive Aggressive Flexible-Person player):
      "Congratulations - you are a Commando. You are the kind of player people are scared to meet across the table in a fully lit tournament hall, let alone in a dark alley. You are first and foremost a competitor, but just like real-life Commandos, competing is not enough. You want to win. Only one of you can come out alive and it has to be you. Anyone unlucky enough to meet you in a head-to-head is left in no doubt about this right from the start. You're aggressive, you go on the attack. Taking prisoners is for wimps, but you never let yourself get so carried away that you start making rash strategic moves. Controlled aggression is your guiding principle. You've got gaming down to a fine art - and that means playing against the person, not just their cards. Of course, you aren't going to sit back trying to work out whether your opponent's blink rate gives any indication of the cards in their hand, but you will notice if they start to squirm during your onslaught, and, admit it, you'll enjoy it. As you turn the screw on them, you'll watch them wince and if you're really lucky, weep. When things don't go your way, there's only one word for your approach: grit. You'll hang on in there awaiting the chance to deliver the final blow to your opponent. Unless, of course, you decide you don't want to show your opponent all the clever surprises in your deck. Every Commando looks after his weaponry and preps it properly before going into action. You build your own decks using the latest tricks, but you like to pack a few surprises of your own in too. You're calm, collected and confident. Your strong self-belief means you can handle whatever gets thrown at you during a game. Ice cool, you'll take the appropriate action to keep your game on course."
I don't know about the "calm, collected" part all the time! Try the test for a laugh at least.


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