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Sphere of Magic

Clan Myrmidon

Erratic Portals
Scrolls 1993 - 94
Scrolls 1995 - 97
Scrolls 1998 - 2000
Scrolls 2001 - 03
Scrolls 2004 - 05
Scrolls 2006 - 07
Scrolls 2008 - 09
Scrolls 2010 - 11
Scrolls 2012 - 13
Scrolls 2014 - 15
Mermaid Worship
Reading Room

“Nil Admirari (Be surprised at nothing)”


Our Clan is represented by the above inverted color scheme of the Greek ceramic “Achilles on chariot drags Hector’s body” (490 B.C.) currently held in Paris at the Louvre Museum. It represents no quarter given nor asked. Effective July 30, 2007, clan entry will be granted based on a two-step process. The first step requires the candidate to defeat the Captain in a timed match (win 2 of 3 games). The second step is an interview of five questions.


WHO           We are never more than twenty people.


WHAT         A clan of adroit Magic players primarily, with other games 

                     considered. Whether you play casual, leagues, tourneys, or

                     some combination thereof, the primary goal is to enjoy MTGO.


WHERE      Online, and thus from anywhere in the world.


WHEN         Created February 7, 2007, and convening as schedules allow.


HOW           By any format, and with any resources of that format.


WHY            Because no man (or woman) is an island unto himself.


Got Magic?